2011 19/09
Johnson: England on best behaviour

England manager Martin Johnson has defended his decision to allow his team to enjoy a night out drinking after their Rugby World Cup victory.

Johnson dismissed newspaper reports of his team misbehaving during their celebrations and claimed it was important to allow his players some time to relax during a high-pressure tournament.

According to The Guardian, the team were photographed in designer menswear touring a few of the local bars near to their team's base in Hamilton West, following their tense 13-9 victory win over Argentina.

However, in a press conference ahead of their next fixture against Georgia this Sunday, Johnson claimed that the team were on their best behaviour for the whole night.

He told BBC News: "If there is a complaint and someone says one of your players has acted inappropriately then we will act on it. But the manager of the bar says the England players' behaviour was perfectly acceptable all through the evening.

"There is no implication from anyone there that we have heard that there has been any bad behaviour. It was guys out having a few drinks, as other teams have done in the same town during the World Cup."

Thousands of rugby fans have been photographed proudly donning their national rugby jumpers during nights out in New Zealand over the past week or so, but as yet there have no reports of any significant fan-related disturbances.   

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