2011 28/09
France needs to be more streetwise,
says coach

The French national team has been praised for its discipline by the side's English defence coach, but he suggested the players might benefit from being more "streetwise".

Dave Ellis, who has worked with France for 12 years, claimed that the team's previous reputation for being easily wound up has gone too far in the opposite direction and now it may be a little too lax, reported Reuters UK.

The French team will take the field on Saturday (October 1st) against Tonga in front of thousands of fans in rugby t-shirts, knowing that it needs a win in this final group match to progress to the next round.

In order to achieve the victory, Ellis has called on his players to bend the rules a little more, saying: "Other teams are leaving their hands in or pushing at the back of the ruck or doing things to slow down and we're not doing that, we're being a bit too clean. We've got to be a bit more streetwise."


Speaking to The Guardian, head coach Marc Lièvremont highlighted how the game this weekend looks set to be a really tough battle, since both France and Tonga can qualify with a win.

The quarter-finals of the Rugby World Cup - held in New Zealand - kick off on October 8th. 

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