2011 07/10
Saturdays star accuses women of "targeting" rugby boys

The Saturdays singer Una Healy has expressed her sympathy for England rugby star Mike Tindall.

The star, who is engaged to Tindall's England team mate Ben Foden, has argued that rumours of infidelity within his marriage to Zara Phillips have been blown out of proportion.

In an interview with Yahoo! News, she claimed that rugby players are often targeted by single women in night clubs - even if they know that the men are in a relationship.

She said: "Girls see rugby boys out in bars and want a piece of the action, basically. They basically target them. I feel sorry for Mike. It was all something and nothing. Women target my boyfriend all the time, even when I'm with him. It's disgusting!"

Healy's revelations could be of interest to rugby players of all abilities who enjoy a night out on the town. They may also interest fans who enjoy distinguishing themselves by wearing designer rugby shirts to local bars and clubs, as this has been a particularly popular trend since the beginning of the Rugby World Cup.  

The woman accused of 'targeting' England star Tindall during a night out in New Zealand has since apologised for any embarassment caused to his royal wife.

Jessica Palmer has told Mail Online that she and Tindall "were just two mates mucking around."

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