2011 15/11
Hugo Porta urges rugby chiefs to change rules

Argentinian rugby legend Hugo Porta has called for the rules of the game to be changed in order to benefit more skilful teams.  

The 60-year-old, who is Argentina's all-time leading points scorer, urged rugby chiefs to prevent the sport from becoming no more than a "war of muscles."

Porta claimed that this year's World Cup had seen more blood and injured players than ever before. He accepted that the game had changed dramatically since the days when he kicked hundreds of points for his country at international level.

In an interview with, he yearned for a return to the days of cotton rugby jumpers and skill regularly overcoming brute force.

He said: "We can't stop the evolution of the game, but we should at least try to preserve the essence of rugby. It would be good if the International Rugby Board considers a project where they use well-known players to help develop and preserve rugby.

"There are a lot of people who love rugby and would be ready to collaborate on this. I'm not a specialist, so I think a discussion would be necessary. A debate between former connoisseurs of the game."

According to Reuters, Porta listed Argentina and France as two of the only major international teams continuing to prioritise skilful play over a physical strategy.

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