2012 07/03
Supporting in style: rugby-wear for the fashion conscious

Despite the Southern Hemisphere often having the better reputation, rugby in the North has much to be proud of. The Six Nations is famous around the globe and the passion with which it is contested has not dimmed despite it being a yearly contest. Furthermore, at a regional level there are many leagues and cups, all steeped in heritage and no less hotly contested. Be it the hard fought English Premiership, to the classy and confrontational Celtic League or the always exciting Heineken Cup, there's much to offer European rugby fans on a club-level too.

It's little surprise then, that with London, Paris and Milan famous as much for their fashion as their rugby, that the two should go hand in hand. Rugby may be a muddy brawl on the pitch, but that's rarely the case in the stands. Instead, rugby fans are known for their impassioned but refined nature, something they bring to their style and attitude. 

So when it comes to getting out and showing your support, what's the best way to ensure you stay smart and stylish, whilst still showing your colours?

What to wear at the park

Be it at the touchline of the local park or in the stands of a national stadium, lending your support can be a thrilling, agonising or electrifying experience. Thankfully, a rugged rugby jersey will be able to aptly handle all the rigours even if - at times - you struggle to. The stylish design means it can be worn on its own during the summertime or coupled with designer jackets if you're in attendance at a winter fixture.

Finishing the outfit off with a scarf will keep you warm but stylish in the colder months, whilst sunglasses and hats work equally well with a rugby jersey when the sun makes an appearance. Not only will shades and hats finish off the look but effectively shield you from the sun's glare, allowing you to give all your attention instead to the game in hand.

Supporting your team fashionably

Replica rugby jerseys may well be the "official" choice of clothing for individual teams but for many a rugby fan, they are just not suitable. 

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