2010 02/09

The sportswear brand recently opened its first franchise store in Hong Kong thanks to a new partnership with the company Bond International Apparel Ltd.


Further store openings are expected to follow.


The little pink bow tie moves into Asia. Eden Park, the sportswear brand founded by ex-international XV of France, Franck Mesnel, has landed in Hong Kong. Since September, a franchised business of 90 m2 opened in the shopping center, Lee Gardens, alongside French brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermès.


To reach this point, Eden Park worked with the group, Bond Apparel International Ltd, a company which has already renewed the experience in Asia.


Another store is expected to open in 2010. As well as a store in Macau.  Launched in 1987, Eden Park, now counts 55 stores with the brand in France (17 branches and 38 franchises), and has a strong presence in 38 corners in department stores and 383 independent retailers. The brand is distributed through 74 outlets. In 2008, the company Eden Park achieved a turnover of 53.5 million.

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