2011 02/09
Rugby union volunteer invited to World Cup event

A volunteer who helped out Bradford University's women's rugby union team has been left astounded after receiving an invite to the Rugby World Cup send-off dinner for the England squad.

The news, cited by, saw Ruth Todd recognised for all of her hard work. Throughout her time working with the team, she has provided unending support and made rugby more popular at the university.However now she's been invited to the prestigious event, she'll likely be swapping her rugby jumpers for a more elegant look - if only for one night. She will join ten other lucky individuals who were also chosen for their contribution to rugby, who were likely as shocked as she was.

"I was completely gobsmacked," Ms Todd admitted. "When I got the call from Carole Thelwall-Jones, the Rugby Football Union volunteer manager...I didn't know what to say. "I never thought I'd get an invite. I was just speechless when she rang, but I'm very grateful and, while I'm a bit nervous - really because I don't know what to expect - I'm looking forward to the occasion." The rugby-lover also told The Telegraph and Argus what inspired her to get involved with the team, stating that she felt it was a "massive shame" when the popularity of the sport declined at her university.

"This year I managed to get it going again and we've got a brilliant group of girls involved," she concluded.

The dinner will take place next Monday at Twickenham, giving Ms Todd just about enough time to pick an outfit and calm her nerves before she meets the entire England squad.


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