2011 02/09
2015 Rugby World Cup to generate £2 billion for Britain

Sources from the Rugby Football Union (RFU) have predicted that the 2015 Rugby World Cup will generate £2 billion for the British economy

In spite of the fact that the 2011 World Cup is yet to kick off, Marketing Magazine report that plans are already being made to ensure that England hosts the most successful tournament yet. This includes recruiting sponsors and generating public interest about the event. RFU's business operations director, Paul Vaughan, has claimed that a lot has already been done in these sectors. He said that rugby is becoming more popular than ever and that sponsors are already queueing up to associate themselves with the event.

In an interview with, Vaughan painted a picture where the majority of the UK were wearing rugby jumpers in support of their their home nation at the tournament. He said: "We have the challenge of delivering some big targets but the crucial part of the tournament will be to ensure that we deliver 48 matches across the whole tournament to the very highest standards."This will ensure that we meet both our financial and legacy aspirations."

It is thought that there are around nine million rugby fans in the UK and that this number could increase drastically by the time the next World Cup rolls around.


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