2011 02/09
Nations travel to New Zealand ahead of Rugby World Cup

Most of the teams competing in this Autumn's Rugby World Cup have arrived at their respective bases.

With the teams travelling in their official suits - sending fans scurrying for replica designer menswear as well as the more traditional rugby shirts - many teams have now touched down in New Zealand. It is thought this will allow the teams plenty of time to acclimatise before the first ball kicks off in September.

The Scottish team had an unenviable travelling schedule; leaving Glasgow to travel to the Gold Coast via Dubai, Singapore and Brisbane. The Welsh team has travelled with a book of messages and well wishes; thought to be either from fans in Wales or in other places around the world.

Ireland meanwhile was the first RWC team to arrive in New Zealand, touching down in Queensland to a glorious welcome from 200 schoolchildren who turned out to see the team arrive. Speaking to of the event, RWC coordinator Jono Sutherland hailed the event as a success. "The kids had a fantastic day out and it was great to see the airport welcoming crowd topped up by 200 kids, many wearing green and carrying creations they made especially for the occasion. It was certainly a day the kids won't forget," he said.

England, meanwhile, travelled to Auckland before heading south to a base in Dunedin. Speaking to BBC News of the journey, England coach Martin Johnson (who captained England during its World Cup victory in 2003) said: "We're looking forward to spending a few days in Auckland to recover and get over the trip, and then get down to Dunedin next week.

"You're talking about it for years and years beforehand, but we're finally here."

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