2011 13/09
New Zealanders

The people of New Zealand are said to be "desperate" to come out triumphant at the upcoming Rugby World Cup, donning their rugby jackets and other patriotic clothing in support.

New Zealanders are fully focused on breaking their "World Cup curse", has suggested, particularly as the prestigious event is taking place in their beloved country.

In fact, writer Mick Cleary stated: "From the woman polishing the chrome facia in the hotel lift yesterday morning to the barista in the corner cafe in Dunedin, they all want to know what it will take to lift the curse, as if a mumbo jumbo spell were the root cause."

However he went on to admit: "New Zealanders are right to be so preoccupied. they should care, it does matter, the World Cup is that significant on rugby's landscape. It is still the benchmark against which all other achievements are measured over a four-year cycle."

Although their obvious passion is something to be celebrated, the writer implied, Kiwis must also recognise that their interest in the event has to go beyond just the fortunes of their own team.

If they do not, Cleary suggested the entire thing will be a "dud", as New Zealand fans won't enjoy the overall spectacle of the event taking place right outside their front door.

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